Happy #ShelfieDay

Although there’s often not much time for it among my many duties in coordinating the Watts Program, I always strive to carve out a few minutes each day to check the program’s twitter page and see what types of conversations are going on in the book world. Social media has long been known for its uses in marketing events and gaining fans, but I almost like it more for the types of informal conversations I get to have with colleagues and other library professionals all across the world. When I signed in to twitter this morning, I was happy to find out through Boston Public Library (@BPL Boston) that today is #ShelfieDay.

photo 1Now I am not normally a fan of the “#selfie,” but I can definitely get behind the idea of the #Shelfie. So I grabbed my iphone and walked up to the beautiful MacMillan Reading Room of the John Carter Brown Library to snap a few pictures of the more beautiful shelves on view. I also captured the card catalog shelves in the reference area, because I’m still absolutely in love with library technologies of the analog age (except at the JCB, we still actually make extensive use of the card catalog).

photo 2photo 3

Over the course of the day, however, I noticed some other library twitter accounts getting a little more creative with #ShelfieDay. For example there’s this hilarious shot from the staff at the Licking County Public Library in Newark, OH:


Clearly I needed to insert myself with a shelf in my shelfie, but as I didn’t want to be ‘shelfish,’ I went back upstairs and asked our Stuart Fellow, Emily Button, if she would pose with me. We figured out that we could stand in front of the glass on the shelves in the reserve room to create a picture perfect #shelfie with ourselves included. The whole activity took about 5 minutes and was a great little diversion during an otherwise hectic week at the library. Thank you twitterverse for giving us the idea.

 photo 2       photo 1

-By Jane-Coleman Harbison

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