NOV 1 | Public Lecture with Alexander (Sandy) Gourlay, RISD: “Two Lost Leaves from John Boydell’s Account Book: An Old Hand and a New Man.”

NOVEMBER 01 Lecture: Alexander Gourlay, RISD Literary Arts + Studies, “Two Lost Leaves from John Boydell’s Account Book: An Old Hand and a New Man.” Open to the Public. MacMillan Reading Room, 6:00 p.m.

Leaves from a 1752 account book, long misidentified as the work of the painter/ engraver William Hogarth, were actually kept by the engraver/entrepreneur John Boydell in the infancy of his copperplate publishing and marketing empire; they reveal how he began to revolutionize the  production, consumption and reception of visual art in Great Britain, and suggest as well how he transformed himself into a new businessman at the helm of a new business.

Alexander (Sandy) Gourlay, Professor of Literary Arts + Studies at RISD, went to Reed College to study physics, but was waylaid by courses in paleography, drawing and English literature; he finished as an English major and wrote his senior thesis on Shakespeare. As a graduate student in English at the University of Iowa he migrated from Renaissance studies to the works of the painter/printmaker/poet William Blake and his contexts in British literature and art.

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