Lecture with Dr. Cynthia Brokaw: “Print Technology and Book Production in China”

Thursday, April 26th 6:00pm
Enticing edibles served.
FREE and Open to the public.

John Carter Brown Library
94 George Street, Providence, RI
(Brown University Campus, near the corner of George and Brown Streets)



A lecture with Dr. Cynthia Brokaw, Department of History, Brown University. Co-sponsored by the Watts History of the Book Program at the John Carter Brown Library and Year of China, Brown University.

Long before Gutenberg invented mechanized movable-type printing in Europe, China enjoyed a lively print culture. As early as the eleventh century, the civil-service examination system created a great demand for standardized imprints; books were the key to political authority, social advancement, and economic security throughout most of the rest of imperial history. “Print Technology and Book Production in China” introduces the distinctive print technologies of China, including both woodblock and movable type, and the material qualities and formats of Chinese imprints. A case study of one publishing center active throughout the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) will illustrate some of the major characteristics of book production, dissemination, and consumption in China before the introduction of mechanized printing from the West.

This lecture is part of the 2011-2012 series:

Co-sponsored by Year of China, Brown University

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