Rare Book Petting Zoo, Thursday, November 17th

Join Susan Danforth, curator of maps at the John Carter Brown Library, and Robert Hauser, the JCB’s conservation consultant, for the first Rare Book Petting Zoo of the season, and a hands-on exploration of the Library’s collection. We’ll focus on theHack Atlas, a 17th-Century pirates’ manual, but will also include other unique items that are “getting sick” with time, and in need of special attention now. Through looking at the books close up, we’ll examine where these books came from, how they got to the JCB, and ways we can keep them alive today.

About the Hack Atlas:
In 1682 the English buccaneer, Bartholomew Sharpe, captured a Spanish rutter (a collection of detailed charts) describing Spanish towns and harbors along the west coast of South America. Sharpe brought his prize back to London, where it was hand-copied by William Hacke, one of the few professional mapmakers working in London at the time. This leaked information provided Englishmen with their first accurate guide to the economic possibilities of the Spanish “South Sea.” What did the English find out?

Thursday, November 17th  3:00pm-4:00pm
Free and open to all Brown and RISD undergraduate students.
John Carter Brown Library (corner of George and Brown Streets)
Email wattsjcb@gmail.com to reserve a spot.
Limited to 10 students.

This pop up talk is part of the 2011-2012 series:
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